International Academic Mobility in a (Post) COVID‑19 World. Spanish and German Perspectives

About the Conference

International academic mobility in its traditional way of physical cross-border exchange of students and staff is currently challenged by the Covid-19 pandemic. Digital formats to foster internationalization, notably in the realm of teaching and learning, have been on the rise prior to 2020 – e.g. virtual exchange, virtual mobility, collaborative online international learning – but their full potential had not yet been exploited. With the unprecedented move to “digital” and “online” being the ways of realizing academic collaboration, organizing conferences and supporting student and staff exchange, new practices and conceptualizations of mobility are in the making. Whilst increased technology is not the sole answer to how international academic mobility will take shape in the future, it provides an impetus on rethinking how mobility can be carried out and how physical and digital mobility can potentially merge.

The conference “International Academic Mobility in a (Post) COVID-19 World. Spanish and German Perspectives.” picks up on this emerging field of practice and research. Integrating the views of (early career) researchers, practitioners and students who either are located within Spanish or German higher education or have these two countries as a focal area of their work, the two-day online event provides a space for discussion, scholarly and applied exchange of ideas and opportunities to network.

Participation is free of charge and open to anyone interested in the topic.


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